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Find easy-to-follow amigurumi patterns in my shops that you can make and sell at your next market! 

Having trouble making amigurumi? 

I have created a detailed E-Book with 26 pages full of tips to get you on the right path to making amigurumi. No longer struggle with stuffing, sewing, or cringy colour changes. Plus a bonus just for you, I have included 4 of my patterns so that you can test your new skills! 

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Are you struggling to make a photo-perfect amigurumi? 

Are you struggling to embroider eyes or sewing on limbs? Do you want your amigurumi to turn out as the pattern intended?

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Cuddle me bundle packs!

Make your own pack choosing between 3 or 5 patterns and get a flat discount price! 

Cuddle me bundle packs

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Discounts: 25% off when you buy any pattern:[Yearsale2024] 

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Digital cards for your custom orders!

It is always important when sending your customers your handmade items that they know how to take care of them!

I have designed super cute care cards that you can add to your order or attach to your toy when you sell it at markets.