Cuddle me bundle packs

I would love to introduce you to my “cuddle me” range of snugglers. I have 25 designs all ready to hang off your hook!

Most of my snugglers have been bestellers and they are always a hit! 

I had these packs last year on Ravelry but decided to bring them back for you to pick your favorite bunch! 

What is a snuggler?

Snugglers, also affectionately known as “Loveys,” are comforting sensory toys cherished by small children for their ability to provide a sense of security and comfort.

Traditionally, a snuggler comprises a plush body, left unstuffed to mimic the feel of a cozy blanket, while featuring a lovable head and limbs characteristic of a cuddly toy.

These delightful companions serve as a source of solace, particularly beneficial for toddlers and babies experiencing separation anxiety. Whether it’s during naptime or bedtime, snugglers offer a reassuring presence that helps little ones feel safe and protected.

Moreover, snugglers aren’t just for home use—they’re perfect companions for journeys and adventures, such as road trips. Their familiar touch and friendly faces provide a sense of familiarity and companionship, making even the longest journeys feel a little brighter.

In essence, snugglers are more than just toys; they’re cherished companions, offering comfort, security, and endless cuddles to children wherever they go.



These packs are only available on Ravelry, they each have it’s own unique promotion code so when you purchase it you will get the PDF files separately for each pattern. 

Some of these patterns are written the old format where you have to attach the limbs afterward but at the bottom of the Page, I have a file that you can download on how to adjust all the patterns the same.  closing the head and attaching the limbs as you make them. 

Purchase full pack: $42

Purchase farm pack: $20

Purchase safari pack: $13

Make your own cuddle me pack 

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Cuddle me pattern Update

I created this file for the older cuddle me patterns when I first started making them. You can now adjust the pattern to close the head completely at the bottom and sew in the limbs as you make them.