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how to crochet amigurumi Ebook
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What are people saying about my book?

This beginner’s guide to making perfect amigurumi is packed with tips and tricks you need to know to make your first amigurumi or improve the skills you have already learned!

Why this book?

I have seen many social media posts where people are trying their hand at amigurumi, only to end up with numerous questions about why their creations look nothing like the pattern they have purchased. It can be discouraging, but often, it just takes a few small changes to achieve the same results as the intended pattern.

A slight adjustment of the hook size and the placement of eyes can make a world of difference in the appearance of your amigurumi. In this E-book, you will learn all about these techniques. 

Can I buy this book even though I know nothing about amigurumi?

The short answer is: YES!!

This book is intended for beginners, meaning people who haven’t tried making amigurumi before but want to learn how to make these super cute animals. The book starts off by explaining what amigurumi is. Next, I share the tools you need and the best yarn for your first project. I also explain how to pick the right hook sizes for your yarn.
We move on to starting your amigurumi, where I give you two options and show them step by step: the Magic Ring and the CH2 starting method.

We then cover other basic stitches like the Single crochet, commonly used in amigurumi. I explain how to increase your Single crochet stitches and do the invisible decrease stitches. Finally, I share how you can neatly close the back of your amigurumi project.

Next, I share other techniques you may find in basic amigurumi patterns, such as color changing and sewing limbs or inserting them as you make the body.

I’ve also included advice on ensuring your amigurumi isn’t inside out, and how to create embroidered eyes if you prefer not to use plastic parts on your amigurumi. Plus a bonus is added on how to make basic crochet eyes.

I don’t know how to read amigurumi patterns.
I’ve got you covered!
A section in this book is dedicated to explaining how a basic amigurumi pattern is written. I’ve also included a full page of abbreviations and stitch terms you might come across in a pattern. You can print this page and keep it as a “Cheat sheet” when you see an abbreviation you don’t understand.

In total, you get 26 pages of fully detailed content covering what amigurumi is, what you need, how to start and end a piece, how to make sewing parts WAY easier, and of course, I’ve included 4 of my own patterns in this book so you can test out your new tips and tricks.

Is it worth buying the book if I already make amigurumi?
It totally depends on you! If you want to improve your skills, like doing invisible color changes or learning a better way of sewing on pieces, and feel that you need some improvement, this book is so worth it!

Why trust me?

I have been making amigurumi since 2019. I started by taking custom orders, and over this period, I have created thousands of amigurumi toys. I’m someone who loves to learn and always do research in my niche to see how I can improve my skills as both a maker and a designer.

I want everyone to be able to enjoy this aspect of the crocheting world. After all, who doesn’t adore a cute teddy bear or bunny?

In this guide I share the following

  • introduction to amigurumi
  • Tools and Yarn
  • Basic Stitches and Techniques
  • Stuffing and shaping
  • Embroidering eyes and noses (Closed and open eyes)
  • Crochet eye tutorial
  • Safety eyes placements
  • Colour changing (4 techniques)
  • Sewing on limbs and surfaces
  • Reading basic amigurumi patterns
  • 11 Extra Bonus tips
  • 2 tips for working with velvet yarn
  • 4 patterns


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The book is available on my website shops! 
Due to Etsy fees, price on book will differ.

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